December Pack Meeting: Building Ice Ladders

Post date: Apr 19, 2021 8:33:32 PM


For the December pack meeting, the Cub Scouts in attendance learned quite a bit about service to your community. They wrote holiday cards to be distributed at the Senior Center and built 3 ice ladders to be used and distributed by the Westborough Fire Department. For anyone not familiar, the Fire Department puts these ice ladders, which will be painted red, around the bodies of water in Westborough. Their purpose is for public use in case of an ice emergency. The ladder is slid out on the ice (there is a rope attached as well) and anyone who has fallen through the ice can use the cross posts to help climb out. The kids learned so much during this activity and are happy to help replace Westborough's missing/vandalized ice ladders.

If you have ever been approached by a Scout outside of a grocery store and asked "would you like to buy some popcorn to support my pack?" then you helped fund these ice ladders! Scouts used the money they raised from popcorn sales to pay for the supplies and give back to Westborough. Thank you to First United Methodist Church in Westborough, Ma for letting us use your parking lot for this meeting so that we can continue to meet safely outdoors.